Saturday, March 20, 2010

Clearing things up...

Words mean things. As a Christian I think we can express our dislike for things without using curse words. I don't use them, I don't like to hear them and I don't like reading them.

I have had authors PM and ask me about curse words that I've caught in their books. I generally give three strikes and your out. I generally let the first two curse words in the book slid without saying anything about it in my review. However, if there are three or more I will let my readers know. If it is too bad, I will quit reading the book. I have had two books that I know of in my 2+ years of reviewing books that I haven't gotten too far into the book because of all the curse words. sorry this is just my view. I don't need to fill my mind with this.

So I'm going to put my position on words that I consider as curse words here in this post. If I find them in a book I'll put a link to this post up.

Here are words I consider curse words because they are used when someone is upset or angry.

  • darn
  • damn
  • dang
  • heck
  • any words taking my Lord and Saviors name in vain
  • gosh
  • golly
  • geesh
  • gee
  • crap
  • shit
  • anything vulgar I won't even put it in print these are just the mild words I won't print the hard ones (or the ones I think are hard) I'm sure you get the jest

These are a few. I'll add to this list as I read words and come across them.

Thanks for your understanding.



tweezle said...

Excellent post. I'm thrilled to see someone stand up for what they believe in. My hat's off to you :)

apple blossom said...


Carole said...

You are exactly right, Abi, and I appreciate your post. It's easy to let things slide until we reach the point where they don't seem all that bad anymore. Excellent thoughts!