Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Reading books for judging contest

Well, this is going to be my first book post. I have been reading four books for a reader's choice award. I was a judge. Anyway if you want to read my other books that I had to read for this contest you can check out my other blog as that is where I posted the reviews.

Return to Me by Robin Lee Hatcher @

Like Always by Robert Elmer @

The Other Daughter by Miralee Ferrell @

This judging contest has cerntainly gotten me into reading new authors. I was in a rut. You know those favorite ones. I totally enjoyed all four of the books. Hopefully, next year I'll get to do it again. Anyway my fourth book I had to read was Diva NashVegas by Rachel Hauck. This was her second NashVegas book so I had to read #1 before #2. However, after reading them I would have been ok to have read them out of order. Oh, well. Now for the books.

Book #1 (might as well start with book one of the series since I read it)

Will Robin ever conquer her fear(s)? Is her only fear stage fright? Or is there more to it? maybe it's just plain selfishness not fear at all. Then there is the questions of how many marriage proposals one girl can have in a year. I loved the humor that Rachel has. I mean really, The Race is on: one supermarket, two shopping carts and four grown women - which team will reach the ice cream aisle first. Oh, yah, I forgot the 0ne man that one of the teams picked up along their race path. Then there was the mystery aspect: Will they find out who it was that stole Robin's song? And then there was the mind boggling news about her momma.

I enjoyed this book's plot, setting and fell in love with the characters. Just one thing I wish that the author hadn't used all the slang in her book. Only draw back as far as I was concerned was her choice of words in places. You can read other reviews on this book @ CBD

The Diva queen of country music is found in this book. Oh, boy Rachel did it again as far as humor. I love it when authors mingle humor into the book. This series gets you into country music and all the lingo and people that go with it. Here again Rachel did use slang in her book and I'm not one on using slang, but it was a good read outside of that. I loved the scene with Aubery going on TV as a cook's assistant in an interview for the "Inside NashVegas News Magazine." You may read other reviews on this book @ CBD

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I think I figured this posting out. I put the posts in draft section. Should have put it in publish section for it to show up on my page. There may be hope for me on this community yet. If I learn one thing at a time and do it several times I may get it. Computers have a brain of their own.

learning to post

mI'm trying to figure out this community and how to post. I just posted one and lost it. Don't know where it went but can't find it. I have another blog on another community and it is so easy to post there. I can change my page and add things. I haven't got this community figured out yet. Computers have a brain of their own is my thoughts.

learning this community

Well, I'm trying to get the hang of posting here. I want to add things to my side bar and trying to get it all figured out. I have another blog on another community and it is so easy to add things to the blog page. This one I spent all night last night trying to figure it out and I'm still confused. Soon as I get it down I'll get posting more. Bear with me while I learn this thing that has a brain of it's own.