Saturday, June 27, 2009

I'm honored

4 the LOVE of BOOKS recently received an award called the Premio Dardos Award. This honor was bestowed upon me by author Linda @ Katie & Kimble Blog a previous recipient of the award.

Premio Dardos means ‘prize darts’ in both Italian and Spanish and it is given for recognition of cultural, ethical, literary, and personal values transmitted in the form of creative and original writing. The rules are:

1) Accept the award by posting it on your blog along with the name of the person who has granted the award and a link to her/his blog.

2) Pass the award to another 15 blogs that are worthy of this acknowledgment, remembering to contact each of them to let them know they have been selected for this award.

And now, I pass this honor along to:

Trish ~ Trish's Reading Nook
Katrina ~ Callapidder Days
Michelle ~ Edgy Inspirational Author
Sheila ~ To Love, Honor & Vacuum
Tricia ~ It's Real Life
Camy ~ Camy's Loft
Deena ~ A Peek at my Bookshelf
Cecelia ~ My Christian Fiction
Kathi ~ "Easy W
Margaret ~ Margaret Daley
Cheryl ~ Squirrel's Treehouse
Deeanne ~ Dee's Blog
Pamela ~ Pamela
S Thibodeaux
Trish ~ Trish Berg
Susan ~ Susan Page Davis



Edgy Inspirational Author said...

Thanks! I am in the middle of another book proposal so when I get a chance I will try to get my list together.

Susan Page Davis said...

Thanks, Abi! Blessings!

Katrina said...

Thanks so much, Abi! I'm honored to be chosen!

Cecelia Dowdy said...

Thanks much, Abi! :-)
I'll post on my blog soon!