Friday, November 27, 2009

My Review of the Winter of Candy Canes

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Well so it is as the seasons change in this wonderful sweet season novel series by Debbie Viguie. This is book #3 in Debbie's Young Adult series and Debbie has done a wonderful job with it. My teen daughter has totally enjoyed reading this series. I have finally gotten around to reading this fun book in the series.

The Zone is now changed from Scare Zone to Holiday Zone. What kids won't do to talk to Santa and injury one of his holiday elves. Candace, who doesn't like the lime lights always seems to find herself in it. Again this book is no different, she has applied for a job at the Zones Holiday festival and she is now working as one of Santa's elves. This position is known to returning referees as a hazard paying job. What that means no one will tell Candace, but she's about to find out. How hard can it be to pass out Candy Canes after someone has visited with Santa? and give out a present every now and again. Can it really be that stressful and intense of a job? Candace loves working at the Zone and the Christmas "Holly Daze" event is about to start. Why not pick up a copy of the book and follow Candace in this eventful Holiday Zone adventure.

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