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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Things about Emily of New Moon

L. M. Montgomery Reading Challenge

My daughter and I are reading Emily of New Moon for this challenge.

Here are some things we noticed in Emily of New Moon...

We noticed that like Anne there was an Emily-in-the-glass that she always referred to and chatted with. Emily too has an imagination just like Anne. Emily too was an orphan; however, she didn't experience orphanages as Anne did. Her destination was New Moon where her mother's people lived-the Murray family. They were a very prideful-and high group of people. Emily with her jet black hair is a total opposite of Anne with her carrot top. Anne was into literature, reading, poetry, writing as well as Emily.

When the wind blew Emily referred to it as the Wind Woman, she was always around. We loved the way she named the things in nature. A grove (group, few, etc.) trees. Adam and Eve were two big Spruce trees. The Tree of Knowledge was a squat little apple-tree with Adam and Eve standing on either side. (these are just two examples.)

Some of Emily's New Moon friends are: Aunt Laura, Cousin Jimmy, Rhoda, Ilse.
Emily finds comfort in her cat.


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Emma Michaels said...

Sounds interest! I loved Anne of Green Gables I am sure I would love this!