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Monday, September 26, 2011

Sylvan Dell

What subject would you like your child to advance in???  All of them you say.  Well then you need to check out the wide variety of books and subjects that Sylvan Dell Publishing has.  They have you covered in every subject.  Sssshhhh you don't even have to tell your child that they will be learning.  They will be having so much fun as they pick up the book they'll forget they are learning.  Each book includes 4-6 pages of learning activities.  Here are just a few of the books that Sylvan Dell has for you this fall...

Prairie Storms-
Cozy up for this great rainy day read! Prairie Storms gives you a front row seat to learn about a year of ever-changing prairie weather, and how the animals living in these grasslands adapt and survive in this harsh climate. Each month, read about a new animal, and learn about everything from how a prairie grouse can survive the January snows to how an earless lizards escapes the harsh, unrelenting drought of August. Told in lyrical prose, this story is a celebration of the great American prairies.

I loved how they take you through each month of the year starting with January and share a different animal and to deal with the changing weather and season and habitat. The illustrations are very eye appealing as well.  The author of this book is Darcy Pattison/ Illustrated by Kathleen Rietz. 

Hey Diddle Diddle-
Hey Diddle Diddle is a whimsical journey along a riparian food web through the songs and antics of eight interconnected species. From a shiny green beetle “tappin’ his feet and singin’ a song” to a smug bobcat that feels like the “queen” of the jungle, readers will observe several colorful characters moving through three food chains in a familiar North American habitat.

This story will take your child on a rhyming food chain journey as they wonder through the ecosystem.  They start with a beetle and end with the queen.  The illustrations are excellent.  The author of this book is Pam Kapehinske/Illustrated by Sherry Rogers

Compare and contrast different animals through predictable, rhyming analogies. Find the similarities between even the most incompatible animals . . . bat is to flit as eagle is to soar; dog is to bark as lion is to roar. Comparisons include sounds, physical adaptations, behaviors, and animal classes and are so fun, readers learn without even realizing it! Animals are to nature, as Animalogy is to fun!

Using the animal world, author Marianne Berkes, will walk your child through some meaning of words such as big and tiny, flit and soar, wing and fin. What a fun way to learn comparison and contrasting then with animals.  The detail in the illustrations, illustrated by Cathy Morrison, are absolutely breath taking. 

Multiply on the Fly-
From pirate bugs to spittlebugs to lovely Luna moths, children will love learning about the world’s insects in Multiply on the Fly! Following in the footsteps of What’s New at the Zoo? and What’s the Difference?, this rhythmic book teaches multiplication in a way that will make children “bug” you for more. Teeming with fun facts, readers will multiply a variety of insects, including daring dragonflies, hungry honeybees, and stealthy walking sticks. The “For Creative Minds” section includes facts about the insect life cycle, matching insect activities, and enough multiplication guides to make anyone a multiplication master.

So your child wants to learn to multiply why not learn with bugs and insects and author Suzaane Slade in her book Multiply on the Fly.  Illustrated by Erin E. Hunter.  What a fun way to master something they will use for the rest of their life. 

Ten For Me-
Two friends take off on a butterfly hunt, only to find themselves tangled in a mathematics net! Written in rhyme, award-winning author Barbara Mariconda takes you along as the narrator Rose and her friend Ed race to see who can catch the most butterflies on this addition adventure. “How many in all? Let’s add them again!” shout the butterfly hunters. Who will win? Ten for Me makes math fun, easy, and entertaining, while adding a touch of the natural world into cross-curricular education.

Maybe your child isn't as advanced as multiplication yet, well get them started with adding with this cute rhyming book, Ten For Me by Barbara Mariconda.  With two friends, Rose and Ed, your child will be adding to ten in no time.  Illustrator, Sherry Rogers, brings a colorful world to the world of math and butterflies. 

Learn more about these books and others like them  @ Sylvan Dell Publishing

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