Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Mrs. Cat-biscuit's search for the downward land by Chris Wardle

For three days we'll be featuring Mr. Chris Wardle and his Tinfish Series for juveniles.   I was so excited to get in on this book series.  The first two books were featured in April.  I feel in love with Mr. Wardle's animal creatures and their antics.  The first two books hooked me and these last three are no different.  Today the feature is book #4...

In this wonderful series by Mr. Wardle the animals are faced with environmental issues.  The animals learn to be resourceful with the resources that they have available to them.  In this particular book the animals are being faced with ocean current change.  Because of the warmer water fish is becoming scarce.  This resource is becoming insufficient for the community and an investigation team is sent out to see what can be done about the problem.  The reader will find how Mr. Wardle has the animals dealing with this problem. With environmental changes comes a habitat change the animals learn to deal with change and be resourceful.  Each animal has it's own personality and characteristic in this Tinfish series.  I have totally enjoyed this series.  

Read the first chapter of Mrs. Cat-biscuit's search for the downward land here.

About the Tinfish Series
‘The ‘Tinfish’ series of children’s books follows the humorous adventures of Mr. Tinfish the penguin and his friends as they try to cope with the impact of climatic change in their community. A sudden rise in the sea level, desertification, and warming ocean currents are amongst the many problems that the ever-changing climate will bring. Luckily for Mr. Tinfish, the other animals and birds all try to support each other, and Mr. Vinegar the walrus organizes numerous expeditions led by Mr. Choli the cat to help the colony adapt to the changing conditions.

Book One: The lighthouse of Mr. Tinfish
Book Two: Mr. Choli’s River Trip
Book Three: Mr. Vinegar and the Frozen Sea
Book Four: Mrs. Cat-biscuit’s search for the downward land
Book Five: Mr. Ginger and the disappearing fish

About the Author
Chris Wardle holds a bachelor’s degree in physical geography as well as a Master’s degree for water supply in developing countries.

Over the last ten years Chris has travelled extensively in developing countries working on charity projects in poor communities. He has been able to draw on his numerous experiences to inspire his creative works, particularly living for long periods in communities with different cultures in Africa and Asia.

An orphaned kitten in Northern Uganda was the inspiration for Mr. Choli’s character in the Tinfish series. He now lives in the UK with Chris’s family (via a few months with a foster family in France to organise his European passport).

A copy of this book was provided for review by Virtual Book tours


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