Friday, February 24, 2012

Girl Talk by Nicole O'Dell along with daughters Natalie & Emily

I just received this book in the mail yesterday so I haven't had too much time to spend on reviewing the book; however, it does look like a most wonderful book.  Questions and Answers from teen girls written by mother/daughters team.  From what I've seen glancing through the book it looks like an excellent resource to have on hand for those issues that are bound to come to light in your daughters life.  The question is asked and then it is responded to by one of the daughters (either Natalie or Emily) and also Nicole, mom, answers the question from a mom's prospective.  Each Q&A has a scripture tagged to it that goes along with the question.  Below is a sample page of the book.  If you click on the picture it should blow it up so you can read it.  Also feel free to watch the video trailer below.  Visit Nicole with some Qs&As here.  I hope that I can review more of her upcoming books.  My teeny has read Nicole's Swept Away book and The Wishing Pearl.  She has totally enjoyed them. 

Here is a page of the Table of contents:
(again click on the image to blow it up)

You may also take a look inside the  book @ CBD

You may find Nicole here:
Nicole O'Dell, chooseNOWministries
 author and host of Teen Talk Radio
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Published books and Up-coming:

Scenarios Interactive Fiction: Dare to Be Different, Risky BusinessSwept Away

The Wishing Pearl, book 1,  
The Embittered Ruby, book 2, (4/12)  
Diamond Estates series, Barbour

Girl Talk, Barbour, (2/12)
At Rainbow's End, Barbour, (3/12)
Hot Buttons, Issues 1 & 2, Kregel (5/12)

A copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for my honest review.


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