Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Finding Faith in a Skeptical World by Chet Galaska

The best way to really find faith is to have an open mind and give Christ a chance. -- Over come the stumbling stone of skepticism. This is what Mr. Galaska tries to get across in his book Finding Faith...

When asked by a professor to write a essay on the question, "Does God exist?" this cause Galaska to really dig in and see for himself what the true answer was. Many things caused him to reject religion early in life (1960's & 1970's). Many influences in culture created a strong case against God. However, if a person will be aware of these influences, look at things skeptically, objectively learn about Christianity a belief in God & Christ is possible. Galaske says. This book is about what he's learned on his road from skepticism to Christianity.

Being challenged to finding out what eternity meant, Chet explored Christianity only to find out that it was being misrepresented by the media (doesn't surprise me, Abi, none) and our culture. Once he understood the facts his opinions changed and faith became credible. There were many stumbling stones strew in his path.

Most people learn something about Jesus. There is convincing evidence to support His authenticity. It is a misperception to say, "Being a Christian and having faith is a weakness." God has given man a free will and He wants us to exercise that free will by coming to Him voluntarily. Skeptics abound everywhere: movies, TV, comedy, college campuses, printed media. Our tendency is to fit in with others which means distrusting or dismissing religion.

Questions to be asked and answers to be found. If you will only be honest with yourself in your quest for the answers, they all are in the Bible.

Christianity is distorted by those that pass it off as hateful. This thought is so opposite as to what the Bible teaches. Those that say Christians are hateful really have no idea-haven't met true believers & surely hasn't read the Bible in the least bit. Regarding Christianity as a religion of hypocrites-Even though we are Christians we still have to live in this sinful, imperfect house (our body) of flesh. It is a battle to do right always, but with God's help we can fight temptation.

Galaska covers many issues in this book to name a few:
*Who is Jesus?
*Redemption & Salvation
*Judgment Day
*The Trinity
*Why do Bad things Happen?
*The Bible
*The Christian Walk
*Scientific Perception (snippet from the chapter...)
"Spirituality especially Christian Spirituality-is disdained by those who don't understand it and refuse to even try. This bias can cause skeptics to dismiss the idea that God is the creator out of hand...." In the end, whether science proves God's existence depends on who is viewing the evidence. Even those who rely solely on empirical evidence but who have open minds, like Albert Einstein, see God...Those who close off God up front don't see Him because they refuse God's absence we're given the subtle, false message that science has determined God isn't necessary and doesn't exist."

*Creation & Evolution
*Miracles (snippet from the chapter...)

"The archaeological evidence often confirms accounts of Biblical events and personages and, as more discoveries are made, the accuracy of the Bible is increasingly supported. The Bible is used as a guide by archaeologists and is regarded as essential to understanding the contexts of their findings.

The tool of faith is needed to make sense of miracle. Reason without spiritual faith can't explain miracles.

Jesus used miracles as a sign of His divinity that couldn't be ignored or dismissed. However, without faith to provide perspective miracles are stumbling stones for those operating from a solely secular, logical point of view.---Those who don't believe, the skeptic."

* And many others.....I think he covered it all
Final Point to Ponder:
"Just because you don't believe it doesn't mean it isn't true."
~ Actor Dennis Franz

Mr. Galaska was brief but covered many issues well in this book. It is a very practical easy reading book.

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Tracee said...

This sounds like a very interesting book.

Cheryl said...

Thanks for hosting Chet today, Abi. One of the best things about this book, as you mentioned, is that it is an easy read. Not only that, but it's not confrontational in anyway. It simply states the facts and creates a way for people to find that Christianity may not be what they have been led to believe.

I think this book will also be a good tool for Christians who wish to share their beliefs with non-Christian friends.

Thanks again for hosting, Chet today. Good luck with the tour, Chet!