Monday, April 27, 2009

The Noticer by Andy Andrews.

This book will really make you stop and think; take notice of things. Andrews presents his message so simply in this book. A very quick and easy read. Not hard to understand and to the point. It makes you stop, think, pay attention and notice, things and people around you and those that have an impact on your life. This book has a reader's guide with questions at the end of the book to go along with each chapter. The questions really make you think and meditate on what you're reading. Wonderful for book clubs or study groups.

In the book Jones, is an old man
(in jeans and a T-shirt carrying a suitcase) who notices things and sees things from a different perspective. To Jones, and it's just Jones not Mr., time and money are just a matter of perspective. He gets those he comes in contact with to do the same, gain a broader view on things, situations and people. Many people have a distorted perspective. Notice things that people generally overlook. He gets people he meets to see that they are where they are in life because of their own choices, decisions and attitude. You can't change your past, but you can choose your future. Other people's experiences are our best teachers. We can learn from them and what made them great or what hindered them from becoming great. We need to get a vision. We are only on this earth because God isn't done with us yet. He still has something for us to do or we'd be out of this world. Your situation may be difficult, but it is piled high with benefits. We need the mountains, as well as the valleys, so we can see our next destination. Your success in life has to do with your perspective. Jones always gives advice to make people better and sharper in every way. People seek him out. He says, "Many of life's treasures remain hidden simply because they are never searched for."

I can't say this book's praise loud enough. This is one book that I totally enjoyed and am very glad I read. It was just so refreshing in it's own kind of way. Very encouraging. This book really got me thinking and trying to notice, get broader perspective. I came away saying WOW! Now I'm ready to go find his book The Traveler.

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