Tuesday, April 21, 2009

In the Footsteps of Paul by Ken Duncan.

Step back into Bible days as you view the pictures of Paul's time. Ken Duncan brings the life of Paul to life in his photographs. He gives you a birds-eye-view of it all through pictures, scriptures, quotes, historical facts about the land and things about Paul's life. From the very beginning he'll capture your attention with his pictures. Walk where Paul walked through Duncan's book.

Learn about:
the Making of a Man - Paul's years before the Damascus Road experience
the Mission of a Man - Paul's travels throughout the Mediterranean area
the Destiny of a Man- Paul's final trip to Rome

You'll see pictures from all over the Mediterranean area:
Perga, Iconium, Cyprus, Paphos, Antioch, Ceasearea, Syria, Damascus, Tarsus, Lystra, Thessalonica, and many many more.

Some things you will see are:
Damascus Gate, St. Stephen's Gate, St. Peter's Gate, Old Roman Road, Street called Straight, Triumphal Arch, Main street of Ancient Perga, Aegean Sea, Harbors that Paul came into, and so much more.

Duncan brings the book of Acts to life. He has captured beautiful scenery. It's the next best thing to taking the tr yourself. I don't thing you'll be disappointed in the views that he shares with his readers. Just take a step back into Bible times with Duncan and Paul.

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