Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Vote of Cofidence by Robin Lee Hatcher

Hold on to your hat as you enter into this adventure with the Bethlehem Springs sisters. Robin will take you on a thrill of your life as you read about two sisters that are twins but as different as night and day. However, their bonded together in love that is unbreakable. You'll come to love Guinevere and Cleopatra and other characters in the this story setting in Idaho in 1896, when women's right to vote in Idaho was granted.

Guinevere better known as "Gwen" is miss prim and proper though Cleo, her twin, calls her Gwennie. She's the city slicker. Now living back in Bethlehem Springs after (14 years) being raised by her mother in NJ. She's the one that needs to gain everyone's Vote of Confidence as she runs for mayor of the small town of Bethlehem Springs. Gwen is beautiful, gentle and refined, unmarried and makes her own decisions. She controls her own money, property and lives as she wants. She likes it that way. Doomed to being a spinster by choice. Gwen writes editorials for the local newspaper and loves music and teaches piano-desiring to see her students excel. Intelligent, articulate, serious, business-like and very able to lead. Though she can be headstrong, opinionated and obstinate. Loves her garden and watching it flourish. Gwen loves order.

Cleopatra known as Cleo is opposite her twin, Gwen. She's right at home in the saddle and can rope with the best of the ranchers. She's a tomboy from the word go. She a freethinker. Cleo is Gwen's #1 supporter in her mayoral race. She wasn't pretty in the conventional sense and wasn't noticed as a woman. She's better with horses than green things. She'll speak her mind too; very direct and to the point. She is very confident and sure of herself and what she wants to do.

Then there's Morgan McKinley. A businessman desiring to open a resort right out side of Bethlehem Springs. He's Gwen's #1 opponent in the race for mayor. He has an abundance of confidence, self-assured. He has magnetism, charm and knowledge of the world at large.
He a genial man and intrigued with his opponent.

There just isn't enough time to list all the characters. You'll just have to get a copy of the book and take the adventure and see where it leads. It has my 'Vote of Confidence'! I'm sure you won't be disappointed and will give your 'Vote of Confidence' when you're done reading the book too. I can't wait for Fit to be Tied to come out in the fall.


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