Monday, April 6, 2009

His Name is Jesus by Max Lucado

What better way to start Easter week than with a book review about Jesus, Himself. Travel with Max Lucado through the life of Jesus. What a journey you'll take as you turn the pages. Start in Bethlehem at the Inn, where there was NO ROOM! You'll learn of Jesus' two natures as they intertwine each other: Human & Divine. Go with Max and Jesus as we see His life in Nazareth as a carpenter's son. Then on to His baptism and wilderness journey. Walk with His disciples as He performs the many miracles. Come to His final week on earth - as Judas, His Friend, betrays Him, The Cross, The Resurrection, Then read of His Legacy in the final pages.
Jesus...those who saw him were never the same.

He is the solution for weariness of soul.
These are just a few sayings over top of absolutely beautiful pictures. This book is just loaded with short snippets about Jesus. This book is a very nice hardback gift book in a slipcase cover. The pictures will capture you as well. It's a nice book for leaving set on the coffee table, doctor's office, etc.

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