Monday, May 24, 2010

Knitting a good story...

Casey from Writing for Christ
has compared writing with knitting in her guest article on The Writers Alley.
Here's just a portion of it...

Weaving a Good Yarn: Writing Lessons Learned from Knitting

I love to knit. It is relaxing and I am able to produce so many wonderful things just from my fingertips.

Recently I have been thinking a lot of knitting and how it parallels writing and I don't think you have to look very hard to find them.

How many of you are knitters? Or saw your grandmother or mother knit? How many of you have characters that knit? Well, if you aren't familiar with any of these terms, I will try to explain without going too in depth. ; )

You start every project by casting on stitches. See that string of yarn on the left side of the picture? That is left over yarn, a tale as it were. It is the same with your story- the tale, the beginning is most often your back story. Sometimes long, sometimes short, almost all of us have written something that started right away with back story. (read the rest of the article here...)


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