Sunday, May 16, 2010

Who loves the Little Lamb? by Lexlie Evans

Who loves the Little Lamb is the sweetest book written in rhyming words. This book tells of a mothers love for her young one even when they have fussy, messy, naughty and the list goes on. Only a mother can still love her child under these conditions. Unconditional love is the them of the whole book. You may take a sneak peek of the book here. The pictures are beautifully done as well.

Who loves the bumbling boar?

"That's all right, there's plenty more." Mama loves her little boar.

A fussy lamb is crying, but her mama dries her tears.
A noisy bird is chirping, so his mama gently sweetens his song.
A sleepy kangaroo is fading, and her mama carries her in her safe, cozy pouch.

Even when kids are not at their best-no matter what, no matter when-mothers love their little ones. Lezlie Evans sooting text delivers this timeless message with grace, and David McPhail's charming watercolors of baby animals and their mamas strike the perfect tone: safe, sweet, and gently playful. This special book is just right for every child craving reassurance, and for every parent searching for words to express unconditional love.

Lezlie Evans ( is the author of The Bunnies' Trip, The Bunnies' Picnic, and Can You Greet the Whole Wide World?: 12 Common Phrases in 12 Different Languages, among other books for children. Her six children are the inspiration for many of her stories. Lezlie lives with her family in Virginia.


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