Saturday, May 15, 2010

Twinkle Star fo the Week y Joan Holub

My review:
I won this book on a giveaway and since this is children's book week I thought I'd give it a highlight this week.

This book is a cute book. The age for this book is about 3-7. I love the inside over it has all kinds of cute fun space facts on both page spreads, front cover and back cover. Space terms are introduced in this book. Terms such as comets, shooting stars, orbit, milky way, galaxy, solar system, gravity, constellations, and more.

Twinkles' class has a star of the week. Each week is a different pupil, as they work through the class. During their week they get to present something they are good at to the class for show and tell. Twinkle works hard to get her presentation prepared. The week before hers someone takes her talent. Now she must find something else to present. The night before her turn Twinkle finally comes up with something new to present to the class. Twinkle sparkled as she presented to the class something they all wished they could be.

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