Monday, May 17, 2010

Radical by David Platt

My review after reading the first chapter of Racidal
Oh, my finally a megachurch leader is finally getting it. I may have to get this book so I can finish reading and see what Platt's plan is. From the first chapter he sounds right on exactly what my hubby has been preaching to our minichurch members. Platt has written this book to show how the church of today in America has actually turned away from Jesus. They are lifting hands in worship to self. I say, "Amen, preach it brother." There is no where in the Bible where we see Jesus using gimmacks to get people to follow Him. Actually, we see Him telling people to give up everything and follow Me. Why should we use entertainment and things to get people to come to church? We in America are comfortable in our multi-million dollar church buildings not having to sacrifice anything for the cause of Christ as those in Asia countries. We cater to ourselves and don't abandon anything for Christ. Platt's message in the first chapter seems to me that this book is a nail head hitter. We need to wake up in our comfy American churches and worship the true God and not the god of self as most are doing these days in the worship service. Now you have me going. I do think I need to get this book and finish reading what this author has to say about the Radical change that needs to be made in the churches of America. Maybe just maybe we need to get Back-to-the-Basics in America's churches.

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