Tuesday, July 3, 2012

If Ther's a Mailbox in Heaven by Celeste N. Bowers

A very touching story about a 10 year old girl who won at the "Game of Life"  though most would dare to agree.  This book is the remarkable story of the short life of Christina Bowers and all the people that she change in her short life.  Cancer may have taken her out, but it wasn't without a good fight.  Christina showed up on the field in the Game of Life.  God puts us on this earth for a purpose and when that purpose is accomplished He takes us home; some accomplish their purpose in a shorter time span than other as was the case of Christina.  The first half of the book is written by Christina's mother, Celeste, in letter version of memories of Christina's life.  She was a very determined girl that didn't let cancer define her, but lived in the moment.  She didn't say, "Why, me?" but "Use Me".  It was through her that others saw God's love.  The second half of the book are letters from those that she touched during her Game of Life.  Very inspirational and Christ-filled life she lived.  This is one memoir I can say I did enjoy reading.  My favorite genre isn't necessarily memoir but this one was very good.  Thanks to Celeste and those that shared in the book for helping to preserve the memories of Christina.   

Celeste M. Bowers considers it no coincidence that she was blessed with the gifts of writing, teaching, making people laugh and being a mom. Each of these talents played a crucial role in the care Celeste was able to give her daughter after the cancer diagnosis. The author dreamed of being a stand-up comic when she was young, but her final stage became a hospital room with an audience of one, her brave blessed daughter. Celeste, her husband Ted and son Teddy live in Huntington Beach, California.
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