Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Brave by Hayley and Michael DiMarco

 The Brave Believe
Ever wondered how it is some people seem braver than others?  Hayley & Michael DiMarco help readers gain insight on what it truly takes to be one of the brave in their book, The BraveThe Brave was written to help the reader find strength in God's goodness and power.  Reading the brave will....
  • help to reveal God in your life
  • help you learn what you can't control
  • help you see what God controls
  • you'll gain truth about who God is and why He allows thing to happen in one's life
  • find out why pain and suffering must be a part of one's life
  • learn the difference in fear that makes sense and that which is pointless
  • help you know how to walk away with the bravery you need to deal with the trials in life with calm, peace and hope

There is also a fun quiz to take to see if you are one of The Brave.

Unbelief causes destruction

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