Monday, December 15, 2008

E-Book Review

I was asked to read and review an E-Book: Molly's Money-Saving Digest for Jan. 2009

This e-book is for those that need the help on being frugal and organizing. It is about a 38 page e-book on everything from beautifying your home to organizing money (budgeting). Starts with simple steps. There is a Hospitality section with fun ideas and party themes for many occasions. Recipes included. There's an article on Parenting that Pays. Teaching your kids the 3 R's: Respect, responsibility, and resourcefulness. This month the article dealt with the first "R" - Respect. Courtesy and Manners is a simple place to start. Then to ring in the New Year this is a section on Getting rid of the clutter. With teaching how to "repurpose" "up-cycle". In the book there are forms for helping to set up a budget and inventory binder. My is this e-book full of ideas.


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