Monday, December 22, 2008

my review of One Holy Night

Will One Holy Night make a difference in one anger, bitter man's life? What will it take to bring Frank McRae to forgive those that have done him and those he loved wrong. Frank finds himself bitter and very hateful of any Asian person that comes across his path. He saw alot while fighting in WWII, more than he wishes and the memories seem to be like open wounds in his mind. The atrocities of war; purposeless killing and senseless dying brings Frank to a hatred of any Asian and they don't have to be Japanese. Frank finds his relationship with his son, Mike, not to be the best especially when Mike joins the Army and sent to Viet Nam. Frank, like many others, isn't too sure if this war is justified for the US to be involved in. Things get even worse between father and son when Mike takes a Vietnamese girl to be his wife. Frank tries to bargain with God once his wife has a relates with cancer. If God will heal his wife, Maggie, then he would serve Him. However, God is sovereign and knows what is best even when we think we have it all together. We can shake our fist at God but His existence doesn't depend on what we believe. Finally, it takes a monstrous act on his part for God to get his attention. Will Frank be able to ever see that all things work together for good? Will he be able to truly say as Job, "The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. Blessed be the name of the Lord." This book is a tear jerker in some spots so you may need a tissue handy. I haven't read a tear jerker in a while.

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