Monday, December 1, 2008

A Scrapbook of Christmas Firsts

This is a cute little hard back book that has neat little stories good to set on the coffee table for easy to read at your finger tips. Long story how I got this book to review but I must say persistence pays off. This book was complied by six different ladies and very cleverly done. They each contributed to each of the ten chapters with ideas and stories from Thanksgiving in December to December Tranquility; Once Upon A Christmas to Holiday Hospitality and more cute chapter titles; ten to be exact.

Each chapter also has glossy, colorful scrapbook type looking pages with things such as:

Family Snapshot section where you get a look at families who had a Christmas first experience story. The Gingerbread Genealogy brings you the history of Christmas traditions. Vintage Poetry and lyrics is just that a glimpse of merry olde times in prose. Then there's the Peppermints for Little Ones to give you ideas on how to help your children get involved in sharing and giving of the season. Stocking Stuffer Tradition will give you ideas to help connect family members. What some ways to create simple holiday fun well then Gift for You in each chapter is what you need to read. Do you have a sweet tooth? Well they have that covered in recipes in the Cookie Canister sections of each chapter (and boy do the recipes look yummy!) . For those that like gardening there is a tip section just for you called the Evergreen Thumb. A Few of Our Favorite Things page lists a good Christmas book, outdoor activity and more from each co-author. And it just wouldn't be right without the Trivia Treasures where you'll read some interesting facts on Christmas. And for those you want to a scripture to meditate on or a thought for the day that they have covered for you in Bethlehem Star, Morning Star Light and Word Quilters' Wisdom sections. They have thought of everything for the Christmas Season in this little book.

This was a very fun book to read and I believe we'll be trying the recipes that were posted and some of the tips and ideas. Only thing I would change was the version of the Bible that the Scriptures were taken from other than that it has a thumbs up for me.

You may visit their site: A Scrapbook of Christmas First

Head over to Trish Berg's, 1 of 6 co-authors of this book, site where she also shares a few of the tips from this book on her site. Tip of the Week



Wandering Writer said...

Abi, Thanks for the kind words. I'm glad you enjoyed the book.

Brenda Nixon, Author and Speaker said...

Thanks for sharing our book with your readers. As one of the coauthors, it has been a thrill to see its positive reception at booksignings and online. One lady bought a signed book from me just because she loved the looks and wants to add it to her holiday decor. Others have found the rich information and inspirational stories too good to resist. Anyone in the military will appreciate the story of my dad's first Christmas as a high school graduate . . . at age 80.
Thanks again for taking time to read and review A Scrapbook of Christmas Firsts.
Brenda Nixon,