Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Engaging Father Christmas

A year after finding her true paternal identity Miranda finds herself back in Carlton Heath trying to resolve and pull together a few lose ends - one being - Engaging Father Christmas. Will she ever be accepted by her paternal relatives? She had so longed for a family, home, a place to belong. She never searched for her father for financial gain - only information and a hopeful relationship. Will Miranda ever be able to live up to the Whitcombe's motto: "Grace & Peace reside here"? Will she truly be able to close this chapter in her life? She finds herself back at the Tea Cosy, the place where her adventure began a year ago. Her favorite place in the world - a place of warmth and peace - a place that began with "Come in, Come in and get to know me better, my friend." Will Miranda be able to make peace with her family, will she engage Father Christmas or will she have to leave again without having that moment where she can actually hear 'Heaven and Nature sing'?

I can't give it all away or you just won't need to read the book. I'm sure though you won't be disappointed if you read the book as Gunn makes you feel as though you've stepped back in time - into the Victorian era and the descriptions are just absolutely wonderful.

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How about making some memories of your own this holiday season? Gunn talks about Christmas crackers in the book. Well I learned what they were and their tradition in the UK here are a few links to follow and learn more.

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