Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My Little Girl by Tim McGraw & Tom Douglas

This was such a delightful book. Father/Daughter relationship. What a day with dad can do to a little girl's spirit. In this book the authors showed how important a dad can be in the life a his daughter. Turning a nothing-in-particular day into an extraordinary-special day. The little girl starts the day off dressing for this special day: What a get-up she puts on. Their first place of business is the boring co-op. So she thinks; is she in for a surprise. They also spend time together finding pictures in the clouds, at lunch and in the swing. In the end the daughter is just happy spending the day with her dad.

The illustrator, Julia Denos, did a fabulous job at depicting the scenes. The book is so girly: Pink. The pictures are as exuberant as the story, itself. What little girl wouldn't want to find this book under her Christmas tree from her special person: dad. My girls are teenagers now but this will be kept to pass on to their girls someday. It is a keeper.

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Growing In Grace Magazine said...

That sounds like a very good book. Thanks for the review. I didn't realize you had two teen daughters. Do they blog? We would love to have them comment at the magazine. I know the other girls would enjoy hearing from them.