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My book review & authour interview Robin Shope

It's the Christmas seasons and the opening of this book you find yourself at the Christmas party of the employees of the Turtle Creek Newspaper office. They are expressing their desires of what they wish to find under the Christmas tree this Christmas. The Turtle Creek newspaper is a family own, locally run by the Collins family newspaper. They are in jeopardy of being shut down by a big newspaper firm that desires to come to town. Lucy Collins' wish is for a new chief editor who will bring new ideas to help them keep afloat. Low and behold in walks Joe McNamara looking for a job. Some have reservations about Joe's intent and others welcome him into the office and into their hearts. Would it be a mistake? Joe says he wants a change from the busy life of Chicago so he has up-rooted himself to come to Turtle Creek, WI for a much simpler life. Would things work out? Is Joe Turtle Creek's Christmas Miracle or is he a traitor? Oh, I can't tell you the whole story; then you wouldn't need to read the book. However, do be warned only one thing that I disliked was that Robin does use cuss words (by curse word I refer to words like: heck, gosh, darn, etc.) throughout the book. If that is something you are against then just thought I'd let you know because they are sprinkled in the story. That is only bad I found in the book. Other than that it was a very delightful read.
Please continue reading this post as Robin has graciously done an interview. I want to thank you all for stopping by and taking the time to read my reviews on my blog. Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas; Remember to Keep Christ in all you do.

holly line

Let's have some Author fun. I've asked Robin some questions and she has graciously answered them so let's get started.

Since this is the Christmas Edition I thought we'd start our interview with a few fun Christmas questions just to get to know Robin. I'll be red; Robin's answers are green why not have Christmas colors.

holly singleRobin, do you put up a real or artificial Christmas tree?
When we lived in Wisconsin, our tree was always real. But since we moved to the south, we have an artificial tree. The reason is trees are cut in September and not given water until they are bought in December. Big fire hazard.

holly single
I've always had an artificial tree even growing up we had those silver tinsel trees we thought it was great. Could you describe your Christmas tree for us please. Do you use a theme, all one color, etc.
I have special ornaments of memories on them from when my children were little. Each year we all would pick out one ornament that held special meaning - just as the Collins family does! Now with my daughter in her own house and her own tree, she has her ornaments. I still have my sons. And I collect antique glass ornaments that I put on the tree now with colored light.

holly singleWe have a tree of memory ornaments too. I'm thinking once my girls leave home I'm going to have a pretty bear tree. My mom has gotten the girls a new ornament since they were born; however, we lost the first five years or so in a flood in 1997, but have a good restart again since. My tree is full each year. We did lose our first Christmas together ornament and also each of my girls' baby's first Christmas ornament. Holidays everyone associates with food do you have a favorite holiday food(s)?
turkey. deviled eggs.

holly singleDeviled eggs are a favorite at our house too. How about drinks which would you prefer hot chocolate or eggnog?
hot chocolate

holly single
Oh, we love hot chocolate. Just for the record: my daughter and I did try the hot chocolate for two that was at the end of your book. Oh, so yummy it was. Yes, we put 3 inches of whipped topping on it too. I think though I'd have to say at this time the eggnog wins over because it is a holiday thing I think. We found an eggless eggnog recipe that we tried on Thanksgiving. It was pretty good. OK back to the questions. Do you wrap gifts with wrapping paper or do you use gift bags?

holly singleNow a few writing questions and more specific a question about this book we are featuring: What sparked this book series?
It's set in my hometown of Wisconsin but I changed the name from Delavan to Turtle Creek. "Why?" you may ask. Because my first three books which are thrillers have some tie in to that quaint town and decided for my foray into romance writing I should select a new spot. But oh how I loved the spot of Delavan so I renamed the location using the name of a road that went through town, Turtle Creek. I loved the idea of a family owned business that was in danger of going under…and then all the employees had to come up with creative ideas not only to keep it afloat but to make the paper very successful! Throwing money at a condition is not the only solution, especially when you don’t have any. Enter into this mix a mystery man. A charming one at that.

This is a picture of the city of Delavan. Robin supplyed

holly single I love the picture. Love looking at old pictures. They have such charm and character. Thanks for sharing the picture. As an author you're always working on something what are you working on now?
I am ready for the second book in the series to come out, The Valentine Edition, Jan. 16, 2009 is the premier date! I am writing The Easter Edition and starting another romance series.

holly singleNow I'm looking forward to more in this series. Easter Edition that could be fun Do you only write ficitonal romance?
For now, yes. However, I do have three thrillers in print.

holly single
Thrillers those could be interesting. Sometimes I need some thrill in my life. I may have to look into those books. Which genre do you like to read?
I love to read mysteries and romance. I also enjoy middle school readers. So much is packed in to them.

holly singleI like mysteries too. Who are your three favorite authors that you like to read.
I have more than three so no fair! But I do love to read Cynthia Rylant and Jean Craighead George and Robert Frost.

holly single
As a mom I've read many of Cynthia Rylant's children's books. Robert Frost he writes poetry. I guess I'm going to have to do some research on Jean Craighead George can't say I recognize the name. What would be your dream vacation?
A lake cottage where I can find solitude and write.

holly singleI love walking on the beach. It has such a soothing effect. Too bad North Dakota isn't close to real water. We have a river that runs through town but no beach. Cottage/Cabin that would be secluded. What is your favorite hobby (other than writing or reading)?
I really love to garage sale! What great bargains I get!

holly singleOh, yes. We love garage sales. Now the winter time it's second hand stores. Where is your favorite place to write?
I would love to write in a lake cottage while looking out at the waves rolling in toward shore! Instead I write in my dining room looking out at back pastureland. I see horses and cows. It's nice.

holly singleI love the country too. God's creation is just so great! Do you have a neat desk and writing space or messy, unkempt?
Unkempt of course!

Robin has again supplied us with another picture of her editor-in-chief, Lexie.

Well, everyone I trust you enjoyed the interview with Robin. Robin I thank you for taking the time out of your busy writing schedule to answer the questions.


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