Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas Memories by Amber Stockton

Today Amber is sharing her Favorite Christmas Memory:

"As I think about this, some of the more predictable answers come to mind. But, I don’t want to be predictable in my response. So, I searched my stores of memories and special Christmases for one that stands out above the best.

Sure, I can say it was my first Christmas shared with my husband. Or, I could say it will be the first celebrated with our new baby daughter. However, as great as those are and as special a place as they will hold in my heart and mind, there is one in particular which shines bright and clear.

We had two special years when my grandfather lived with us. As I shared my birthday with him and was the only grand-daughter, you can imagine how much I treasured this time with him. Looking back now, it’s even more important to keep those two precious years alive, as my grandfather passed away the night before I turned sixteen.

Those two years, though, bring a smile to my face as I picture my grandfather sitting in his favorite chair. One we brought from his house when we moved him in with us. He looked so regal, observing my three brothers and my parents as we distributed the gifts to each other, opened them in turn and celebrated together. I don’t recall what gifts I received either of those years, or even the gifts my grandfather received. What I do remember, however, is the smile on his face and on the faces of my family.

We took video of both years, so I have a few snippets as a keepsake. The real memories though, will forever remain in my mind. And as long as I keep remembering, I’ll never lose them.

Now, my life has moved on, and I have a family of my own. We will make new memories, establish our own traditions, and celebrate together, while sharing with our daughter those special memories my husband and I have. I can hardly wait! How many weeks are left? Just 3? They can’t come too soon. "

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