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The Dog Ate My Planner by Pat Snyder

My Review:
If you think your life is hustle and bustle this busy holiday season, take a few minutes and read Pat's book. She has a way of putting things in perspective and maybe even in a way you've never seen it before. She takes you through daily life and all its schedules from fashion to electronic devices, from kids to elderly parents how they all can change your plans at a moments notice.
At the end of each chapter, she gives you some "leash laws" to help you to gain better control of the dog that's chewing on your planner.

Here are some of the topics Pat sees as chewing away on our overbooked schedules these days: Electronic devices and gismos and gadgets, kids and pets, fashion, health and exercise, home building and marriage, holidays and parties, food, retail (shopping and errands), and more. Pat's book helps you see the humor in it all with tips on how to make everyday life less stressful.
Take some time for yourself. Pick up a copy of Pat's book, snuggle with your favorite beverage, and read the stress away. It's a very easy quick, enjoyable book to read.

Read Pat's Christmas In a Box article here. Believe me she knows how to make a memory. You won't want to miss it. It' ll put a smile on your face.

The Dog Ate My Planner: Tales and Tips from an Overbooked Life offers genuine stress relief to parents, caregivers and everyone else with its upbeat “me too” stories and tips for tackling an overloaded life.

With cartoon illustrations throughout, The Dog features short, fun confessionals about a dozen different “dogs” that have made the author’s life go amuck (computers, kids & pets, fashion, health, stress relief, home construction projects, the holidays, food, shopping, self-help, aging parents, partners) along with 74 “Leash Laws” to tame them.

Written by a seasoned humor columnist and mother of three, The Dog brings home an important message:

Simplify your chaos when you can; when the dogs get out of control, laugh away the chaos and reduce your stress.

The following excerpt is from Chapter 7 (“How About A Holiday From The Holidays?”), “Let’s Stop Denying Men Holiday Joy.”I was in my usual pre-holiday State of Overwhelm the other day when my friend Bill gave me a new perspective. “There is a glory and heroic posture to cranberry-stained hands that most men will never experience,” he bemoaned. “Not quite as out-of-reach as childbirth but, in our culture, pretty close.” According to Bill, if women are up to their elbows in cranberries and tinsel, it’s all our own doing. Men would like to do more, but they’re afraid. “Much like oil tanker captains encountering a harbor pilot, guys know when to leave the bridge,” he said. “And the smart ones either slip into their predefined specialties or stand by for orders.” Not knowing much about boats, I went to my husband for help. “He means the holidays are like a storm coming,” he said. “We just try to stay out of the way and not get covered with mess.”

For nearly a decade, Pat Snyder, a recovering attorney and mother of three, has chronicled her crazed struggle to lead a balanced life in “Balancing Act,” a regular humor column that appears in Suburban News Publications, a chain of 22 weekly papers in the Columbus, Ohio, area.

When she is not dancing around in a Dr. Seuss hat and leading laugh-ins as a certified laughter leader with the World Laughter Tour, Pat speaks on life balance and leads workshops to help others bring more humor into their lives and their writing.

Before law school, as a reporter for the Akron Beacon Journal, she won state and national journalism awards. When her marriage to the late Bob Snyder made him both an unsuspecting stepparent and first-time parent, the two of them co-authored a Sunday column for The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer on the challenges of stepfamily living. Her account of their adventures combining his Hanukkah traditions with her Christmas ones was published in the book A Cup of Comfort for Christmas.

The Dog Ate My Planner: Tales and Tips from an Overbooked Life is her first book.

Pat lives in Columbus, Ohio, with all the dogs that eat her planner. Visit her online at

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