Thursday, December 31, 2009

Kona with Jonah by

In "Kona with Jonah" Bible study,
Time: 793-753 BC
Theme: God's mercy vs. Man's self-indulgence ~
we learn of God's love for the enemy of His people as well the need for forgiveness.

This book's introduction has practical anecdotal descriptions as well as historical and geographical descriptions. The introduction is very in depth. It also has text box quotes from other sources imbeded in the text, this helps the user get a feel historically for the book of Jonah.

This study is broken down into four weeks of study with each week then broken down into daily portions, with passage readings and assignments. It's great for personal study, but may be used in a group setting as well.

This study is fairly in depth...breaking down verses into words and phrases, and analyzing what some words actually mean and side studies on different topics. There are questions about the actually text, then questions on personal application.

There are also sidebar notes and text boxes highlighting key points or giving extra background on particular topics. Each section closes with a prayer and with a passage for memorization. This is a study that is rich, full, and deep.

The contents in the book is put into conversational style formating. Its spiral binding so it lays flat when you're reading or writing in it makes for a nice Bible study book.

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A copy of this book was provided for review by KCWC


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