Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Author Dalton James and his featured books.....

Today we have a treat. Yep you guessed it: a young author. Dalton James. He's eight years old and has already published two books with more in the works. WOW!

A tale of a young boy, Pirate Pete, and his dad, Scurvy James, setting sail on a mischievous adventure on the high seas to find the King’s loot, stolen by Peg Leg Chuck.

A tale of a young boy Space Boy Pete, and his dad, Space Man James, rocketing off into deep space to save the day.

Thanks Dalton for taking time to answer a few author questions. Thanks to Cliff, Dalton's dad, for helping him get these questions to me. Could you tell the readers a little bit about yourself.
I am eight years old and I'm finishing up the second grade. I like to play basketball and baseball. I take Tae Kwon Do and I'm currently a second-degree black belt.

Very active little boy, busy busy. How did you become interested in writing books?
My teacher in first grade, Ms. Shoupe gave us the assignment to write after reading "Yuck Soup" by Joy Calley. I came home from school and told my daddy that I wanted to write a book. Since then I've just kept writing.

I love teachers that inspire their students. Way to go Ms. Shoupe! You Rock! Teachers have a special place in my heart. I have my teaching degree. I have homeschooled my girls. Actually, my oldest graduates this coming Sunday. She just finished her last test this past Friday. I'm going to have to see if I can find "Yuck Soup" at my library. What is your favorite subject in school?

I should have known since you are so active this would be your answer. Is hard to get a book published?
My dad takes care of all the paperwork stuff. I just know it takes a long time to finally get a book. From the time I finish the book until it comes out is about four months.

Parents that are behind their kids is wonderful thing. Way to go Dad! Do you do your own artwork (pictures) in the books?
Drawing the pictures is my favorite part, but its also the hardest and takes the longest amount of time.

You have to be a good artist too. Imagination is needed that is for sure. My youngest daughter, just finished 8th grade, took art in school this year. She is pretty good. She's been drawing cartoon characters. Where do you get your ideas for your books?
I just think about things I like or would like to be.

Sounds like fun to me. Use your imagination and what you know. Start of good authors I'm sure. What do you like to do besides write stories?
Play sports, play RockBand on my Wii and read.

You sound like a very busy boy. In your books you tell of a boy and his dad on adventures. What activities do you and your dad like to do together?
I like to play with him. We do lots of things together like play RockBand, go on vacations and wrestle.

Your dad must be super dad to keep up with your activities. Do you have any siblings?
I don't have any siblings.

Do you have any pets? If so what kind? do you think you'd ever add them to your adventures?
I have a pet rabbit named Hopper. I don't think I'll write about her but my next book is about pigs which are my favorite animal.

Sounds interesting. I read in your last book The Heroes of Googley Woogley something about a mad scientist. Now my interest is peaked. Do you like to read? if so what genre do you read? Who are some of your favorite authors to read? Could you tell us the title of some books you have enjoyed reading?
I like to read. My favorite author right now is Jeff Kinney and the "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" series. I would like to grow up and be like Tedd Arnold or Eric Carle.

I've never heard of Jeff Kinney's series. When my girls were little we did read some of Tedd Arnold's and Eric Carle's books. I'm familiar with those authors. What is your favorite food?
Japanese and Pizza

I think everyone likes pizza. Japanese, hummmm can't say I've tried that one. I love Chinese food though. Went to a Chinese restaurant for Mother's Day lunch. Give any closing remarks to the readers:
I have fun writing and going to schools talking to kids about writing books. This year my publisher allowed us to have a contest where kids got to send us books and we got to pick one to be published. Next year we are going to do the same thing and hopefully have more children's books published. If you like my books let me know and if you are a kid send me books and enter the contest. Your teacher could send us an email about how to send them in.

I hope you get many book contestants through this interview. Sounds like fun to be a published author. If you want more information about Dalton's books or an e-mail to contact him you can find that information on outskirtspress web site.
Thanks Dalton and good luck on your next book.


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