Thursday, April 28, 2011

my donated stash

Back at the beginning of April was National Library week and I had a challenge that I'd donate to my local library 1 book for every comment left on my blog that week, well I've finally gotten around to tallying it all up and rounding up the books.  There were a total of 15 comments left during the week so I selected 12 hard copy books and 3 audio books to donate to my library.  Thanks to everyone for leaving a comment.  



Edna said...

that sounds like a great idea, I have a lot also that I will never read again, so I did a big give-a-way on the Easter blog hop and received a lot of comments for that. But I still have a good many books I need to get rid of. Lot of mine are Bible related that I have left.

You had a great idea


Aleetha said...

You are so generous. I hope there will be more comments in your posts :D