Thursday, September 8, 2011

guest post: Remeber to Empty Your Cup

Today we have author Mitchell Earl Gibson with a special guest article for my readers.

Remember to Empty Your Cup

The cup of life has the capacity to fill itself each day with a myriad of tasks, both big and small, that we struggle to complete as best we can before we sleep. The reality is however, that we can never really get it all done. No matter how hard we try, something remains undone at the end of the day.

Those little undone tasks consume the waking and sleeping moments of our lives and without realizing it, we often surrender the serenity and peace that we truly deserve to worry and anxiety.

If we choose, we can let go of that cup and fully empty it at any moment that we choose. In a moment, we can choose to contemplate the silence of togetherness, the beauty of sharing life with another. Let me suggest a few methods that you can use to gradually learn to empty your cup:

1. Take twenty minutes a day to sit, close your eyes, and do nothing. You don't have to count your breaths, say a mantra, or visualize anything. These minutes are yours. Allow your mind to drift for this special space in time. Try to incorporate doing this each day no matter how busy your day becomes.

2. Share your twenty quiet minutes with a friend or loved one. If you like, hold their hands while you share this time. Let your minds drift together. Try not to talk. Remember to smile.

3. Take two hours each week to do something that you absolutely love. Write out a list of things that you like to do. I mean truly, absolutely like to do. Make an exhaustive search inside your psyche for those things that ignite your passion. Then, clear two hours once weekly to indulge yourself in one or more of the items on your list. You will come to find that these times will become some of the most precious and special times of your life.

I often recall the peace and security I experienced as a boy when I sat quietly with my grandfather. I think about the strength and courage that I drew from him as I grew. I think about the days that we sat on the porch and counted trucks. Sometimes, we would just watch cars together and nod quietly to each other when a particularly well crafted machine passed by. The quiet moments of appreciation and stillness helped me learn to focus and appreciate the moments of life that often escape our notice. He had no formal education past the third grade. He had not traveled the world much beyond a fifty mile radius of where he was born. But somehow, my grandfather had mastered an almost Zen-like talent that I rely to this day to get me through tough times and find peace. No matter how busy life gets, take time to empty your cup and enjoy the peace of the moment.

Mitchell Earl Gibson MD

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