Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I want to fly by Allel Kheroufi

This book is a theatrical for children to put on.  It is about the adventure of a Duck, Homer, that wants to fly  to the sun.  Homer finds obstacles along the way such as peer pressure, hard work and storms of life that arise; will he achieve his dream and reach the sun. This play will teach children the value of remaining true to their purpose, no matter what, and see the rewards that come when they pursue their dreams wholeheartedly.  This seems as though it would be a cute presentation and fun to do if you had kids that really wanted to try their hand at theater and acting.  Very educational and learning type of presentation; in a fun sort of way.  To actually preform this play it may need some shortening up.  However, this book is all the lines written out, very well presented and laid out, organized.  This play is divided into a four part adventure of a dream and determination.  I even think it would be a nice readers theater type play for a classroom. 

Part 1:  A Duck's Dream
Meet Homer with ambition and determination to fly to the sun as he meets up with obstacles on his quest.  With support from a few friends and the king he sets out on his quest...
Setting:  The Kingdom of Barnyardia, one late Spring day
14 characters 
Prologue & Two Acts - Act One with 2 scenes & Act Two with 3 scenes

Part 2:  Against the Odds
Homer meets the challenges of Nature and copes with a vicious storm.
Setting:  A stormy day somewhere in the heavens high above the earth
9 characters - 5 from Part 1 and 4 new
Prologue & Two Acts -  Act One with 3 scenes & Act Two with 2 scenes

Part 3:  Journey Through Space
Homer is a fine drake now and continues in his quest to fly to the sun.  Now he is faced with more challenges from the stars and plants he comes in contact with.
Setting:  the action in Act one takes place in space at night
14 characters - 10 from Part 1 and 4 new ones
Prologue & Two Acts -  Act One with 2 scenes & Act Two with 2 scenes

Part 4:  A New Beginning
The conclusion to this odyssey.  Homer and his childhood friends are now adults with intents to conquer new challenges that await them.    
Setting:  King Mortimer Space Centre
13 characters - all from Part 1
Prologue & Two Acts - Act One with 2 scenes & Act Two with 3 scenes

See a pdf excerpt of Part 1:  Prologue and Act one, Scene 1 here

Allel Kheroufi has a Master of Arts degree in drama and he majored in directing. His plays have been produced both on stage and on television. Allel was born in Algeria and came to Canada in 1991. He now lives in Edmonton, Alberta, with his son.
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A copy of this book was provided by the author and Bostick Communications for the purpose of this review.


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