Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Willie Out West by Rhonda Walker


Book Description

Young Willie Walrus leaves his ice home to travel on an adventure to Big West, where the town’s citizens desperately need help. Arriving to cheers, he quickly runs into Old Walter, the One-Eyed Whale. Colorful illustrations and action in Willie Out West takes readers to an old West town where the citizens expect Willie to save them. Can he?

Willie Out West is geared to young readers.  It takes some imagination to think that sea animals can live in the wild west outside of water.  3-5 year olds may like the story.  I'm not a big fan of ebooks yet, since I don't have a reader just a computer app.  Reading a book on the computer just doesn't do much for me.  Reading a book to a child on a computer is hard too.  I'm still a physical book fan.  kindles haven't won me over yet when it comes to reading them to children.  However, this book is very creative, imaginative and the young ones would probably fall in love with the animal characters.  The story line is good, being brave and standing up for what it right. 

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