Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My review on A Bride so Fair

My Review on A Bride so Fair:
This was my first time to read any of Carol Cox's writings. This is book three in the series so I was afraid I would be in the dark not having read the first two. However, after starting the book I didn't seem to have missed anything. I totally enjoyed this book. Now I'm going to have to back step and see if I can find books one and two of the series. Christian, mystery, romance all rolled into one book. I feel in love with Emily and her compassion she showed toward little Adam. What was God's plan in her life was Stephen to be included. Where did little Adam fit in the picture? Or maybe it was to help Ian come to Christ? I must say the book did keep me coming back for more. If I could have had my way I would have read from cover to cover without putting it down. Go ahead and pick yourself up a copy and see if you look this author up again. I bet you will love her. I'm going read more of Carol Cox's books in the future.

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