Thursday, March 24, 2011

BtT: Series? or Stand-alone????


Series? Or Stand-alone books?

I guess I can go either way.  I read both.  Some series books though they are labeled series are stand-alones as well, because the plot and maybe even the characters are different.  Some just have different plots all together.  They don't pick-up where the last book left off.  Such as ~ Kathi Macias' series Extreme Devotion books are all about different people, places, time line, etc.  Where Josi S. Kilpack's Culinary Mystery series are different mysteries however, Sadie is the main character in each book solving the mystery.  And then you have Beverly Lewis' Seasons of Grace series that you might want to read book 1 before you read 2 or 3.  Which do I prefer?  I don't know I just love books so I read.  I love to read. 



Sally said...

As long as the story is good I'll read it whether it's a stand-alone or a series.

Shirley said...

There is something to be said for the anticipation in waiting for the next release in a series. For my complete answer see My Bookshelf.