Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Day on the Mountain by Kevin Kurtz

In a rhyming, sing-song way your child will love this book as they take a hike up the mountain.  Hiking up they see the plant and animal habitat/climate change from forest life to snow.  They learn about the different animals and plant life as they travel up the mountain side.  The book starts out with bear cubs in the forest at the base of the mountain and move to the rocker places and even higher on to the snowy spots.  Your child will love the habitat and climate changes as they go.  Ssshhhh don't tell them they may even learn about different animals and plants.  The illustrations are just as lovely as the the animals and plants that they meet on their way higher up the mountain.  In the back of the book there is also a Creative mind page with information on the mountain ecosystem, different trees and pictures and diagrams to look at, information to read and learn more about life on the mountain.  I thank Sylvan Dell for asking me to review their ebooks be watching for more coming to my blog.

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