Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Carpenter's View of the Bible by Charlie March

A carpenter by profession, Charlie March, has used his 20+ years of experience to bring structures in the Bible to life.  In his book, A Carpenter's View of the Bible, March shares insight and knowledge from the Bible to help the reader gain a deeper knowledge of God the master Builder.  March looks at theology, ancient religion, Middle Eastern architecture, and archaeology to bring Scripture to life.  The reader will gain a new perspective of what it truly means to be a master carpenter.  This is a very in depth study of carpentry in the Bible.  The author refers to philosophers such as: Plato, Sextus Empiricus, Proclus, Vitruvies and others.  In this book, March uses science data, archaeology and cultural lifestyle, historical and Biblical facts and information as well as geological studies.  This book is packed full of information and some of it can get deep, but very informative. It is evident that March did much research. 

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