Thursday, August 18, 2011

guest article: How to Start a Book Blog (Part 1)

I came across a 2 part series about How to Start a Book Blog so I thought I'd bring attention to this today and tomorrow.

Carrie over at Reading to Know wrote an good article on Book Blogging. I just wanted to share the links with you...

How to Start a Book Blog (Part One)

Many a time I've been asked how it is that I am able to a.) read so much b.) blog so much and c.) how I handle particular issues relating to books and publishers.

I thought I would take a couple of posts to answer some of the more common questions and address some particular issues. I've divided up those questions into two separate posts so stay tuned tomorrow for Part II.

To be perfectly honest, I've rather shied away from answering these questions online, mostly because it is so easy to be misinterpreted when trying to explain the how's and why's of why any particular person writes a blog. Everyone has a different reason. Everyone has different habits and practices relating to how they write, when they write and what they write. This post is marked "personal" because my answers to the common questions are exactly that. These are my opinions and I blog in a manner that works entirely and specifically for me and for no one else. Got that? Ok, here we go.

Question No. 1: How Much Time Do You Spend Reading Each Day?

That varies. These days it varies a lot! Reading to Know has existed primarily during a time period when there were two children in our home and both took naps/had a quiet time from 2 to 4 p.m. every day. I always had a two hour time period in the afternoon to call my own. Frequently I would read. With the addition of our infant Bookworm3, my time is less my own and there's never any guarantee that she will follow her brothers' example and go to sleep at 2. Sometimes I read for 20 minutes a day and one day I even managed a whole hour. (!) Regardless, I do read every single day.

I should also admit that I have finally become a bathroom reader. I've never kept a book in that room before, but reading now sometimes consists of reading one chapter in the morning and one chapter in the evening as I am getting ready to start and end my day. It is what it is and it has to work for the moment.

Question No. 2: How Do You Find the Time to Read So Many Books?

Well. I've explained my time frame in question number one. I also read fairly quickly. I skim sometimes, perhaps more than I realize. Not enough to miss particulars but - say for example we're discussing the sewer system in Paris - I'll skim the descriptions. (My skimming tendencies make me want to skim Dickens in his entirety which is probably why I don't like him as an author.)....(read the rest of the article here.)

Come back tomorrow for Part 2  Or find it on Carrie's site here.


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