Saturday, August 9, 2008

My review of Coming Unglued by Rebeca Seitz

Kendra Sinclair who is adopted at age 8 by the Sinclairs has many ghost in her closet. Will she be able to overcome them OR will she become as her birth mom, Sylvia. Don't forget what they say, "Like mother like daughter". Did she have any choice in the matter? Remember: Tigers can't change their stripes. Kendra with a low self-esteem finds herself in complete utter mess and with every turn of the page it doesn't seem to get better. Inch-by-inch she falls farther and farther into the cycle. Inner turmoil runs rampant, can God change her from the inside out? How can she know to do right yet find herself doing the opposite. You have to love Darin. Kind, honest forthright and understanding. Will Kendra ever be worthy of his love? Will he break through to her? Guess you'll just have to get a book and find out. I loved getting to know the Sinclair sisters in this book. Though I didn't read book # 1 in the series, I don't believe it hindered me in any way. I loved the scrapbook meetings that were called when the sisters had big issues they were faced with. Only draw back for me was that there was some curse words used in the second half of the book. However, all in all it was an enjoyable read and I loved the humor that the author brought to the Sinclair sisters. You learn to love them all.

Read the first chapter here.


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