Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Passion Most Pure / my review

This was my first Julie Lessman book to read and all I can say is WOW! I was totally impressed. The characters are so deep, rich and strong that you fall in love with them all right from the beginning- From six year old sister, Katie, very strong willed to Mrs. Gerson, the neighbor lady, who is a prayer warrior. You love them all. What a web is woven in the triangle of love - not just one triangle but three. Collin with Faith and Charity; Mitch with Faith and Charity; and then Faith with Mitch and Collin. Wow! I have never read a book with such strong characters as this one. They either have the faith or they don't. They are strong in the faith or they aren't. It has been said that: A woman's heart should be so hidden in Christ, that a man would have to seek Him first to find her. Well, that can sure be applied here to Faith in every way. She holds out for God's best. Don't let this book scare you it is a honker thick thing-almost 500 pages and book two in the series is the same, but oh, well worth the read.

A Look at some of the Characters:
Faith O'Connor - Is a twin to sister, Hope, who is only mentioned as a memory as she died in a polio epic. Faith is her father's girl as he calls her "my girl" through out the book. Very strong in her faith and her passion to keep herself pure for the man that God would have to be her husband, very deeply devoted to this goal. Her beauty comes when she speaks of God and His goodness. Mercy isn't her strong peak; however, self-control and perseverance come naturally for her. She is jealous of her sister, Charity, the beauty.
Charity O'Connor - Younger sister to Faith; however, she has the beauty and charm to catch any guy she wishes. Her belief in God is minimal. She is a thorn in Faith's flesh. She isn't so devoted to purity in her relationships and is willing to throw herself at the guy she wants.
Collin McGuire - Well lets just say he is a bit of a rogue.
Mitch Dennehy - 14 years Faith's senior and a man that knows what he wants. Incredibly handsome with a teasing smile.

Well, I can't give it all away you'll just have to read the book and find out the rest for yourself.

I'm hooked and a fan! I can't wait to get reading book 2 to see what it is that Charity has up her sleeve.

You may read the first chapter if you'd like here.


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