Tuesday, September 23, 2008

When Answers Aren't Enough my review

My Review:

When answers aren't enough God is good is the theme Mr. Rogers brings out all through this book. This book was a joy to read. It was totally different than what I had expected it to be. This book isn't a book of answers. It is a boon on how to experience God as good when answers fail to satisfy. Rogers mainly uses the Virgina Tech shooting as his main story. He alludes to other news worthy stories at times through out this book. He tries to help us find God in all areas in life even those covered with sadness. Through it all we need to taste and see that the God is good. He trys to help us to get beyond the now in tragic situations and get us living in God's goodness. When times get tough you have to depend on God to carry you through cause we can't do it on our own. Knowing that God is good before tragedy happens will sustain you during and afterward. God's ways are perfect. He never says, "Opps." Evil is real- we need to live in reality. When we face evil for what it is we can't see God is good. Even if we knew the answers we wouldn't be satisfied. Til the dark night is over it is important to look for the gift of God's goodness. Pain blurs our vision and we lose site of God's goodness. God never meant for us to understand everything that happens in life. Pain can rob us of faith in our future hope. HEAVEN Darkness has its limits; it will eventually give way to light. Good and evil are at odds and sometimes good loses the battle. All through the book Rogers tries to show us that it isn't answers that soothes the troubled soul, but God's presence. We shouldn't look for answers, but God's goodness. Rogers used many scriptures in this book though it wasn't the version I prefer I would recommend the book to someone if I felt it would help them in their time of grief. One last thought that was brought out in the book:
Remember the past, enjoy the present, prepare for the future and truly know that God is good! That is what the book was all about.

Read First chapter of book here.


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