Tuesday, September 23, 2008

White Christmas Pie my review

Things hadn't been right since Will Henderson read the newspaper article about the little girl abandoned by her parents in a park-The memories of his past flooded over him. Karen Yoder, Will's fiancee, realizes that until Will is willing to forgive his real father and put the past behind him she won't be able to marry him. Will hadn't seen or heard from his real dad since he'd left him with Mark and Regina Stoltzfus sixteen years before. Now Frank Henderson wants to become a part of Will's life. Will he be able to forgive his dad and let him back into his life. Wanda has done another superb job. I'm never disappointed with her writings. I grew up in the area that this book takes place so it was fun reading the different town and area happenings. If I rated this book it would rate off the scale. I am a Wanda fan to say the least. I love reading about Amish life since I grew up in that area. I might even have to try to make Regina's White Christmas Pie. The recipe is in the back of the book. Sounds yummy to me. Wanda comes highly recommended by me you can't go wrong with her books.

Read first Chapter of book here.

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Traci said...

I've got a couple of her books, but I haven't read them, yet. But, the cover of this one alone makes me think I'd really like it.