Thursday, January 22, 2009

Kosher by design: Lightens Up by Susie Fishbein

I was absolutely delighted when asked to review this cookbook. I had never reviewed a cookbook before. First time for everything. Didn't know what to expect. This book is just wonderful. I have a list of recipes that my family wants to try, but I just couldn't wait to post my review. However, we have tired two recipes so far in this book and they are delicious. We tired the Spicy fries and the Peanut Butter Pizza; yes, there are desserts in the book.

This book is a nice hardback book. At the beginning of the book there are pages of very helpful information; such as - The Kosher Kitchen, will give you tips on setting up your kitchen. Then there is the Lighten Up page, which will get you thinking about how to cook lightly,(no it doesn't help you not to burn the food) There are two pages of Supermarket Savvy tips. Several pages of definitions so you know exactly what a word means. There's a superfoods page and a page with Tasty Tidbits page, even a whole page concerning flour and a page on grains, oils, sugars, seeds and nuts. A page with gadgets for health cooking what to have.

Then there is the ideas section: This section will give you entertaining tips. It is crammed full of goodies.

Each recipe has a description or information on why something in that recipe is used. (ex: from the House Salad recipe: Says, "With all the fancy salads I know how to make, when my sister, mom, and I get together we always pull together this salad. My Grandma Mollie was the original creator of the dressing, which she would whip up at every holiday. You can toss anything into this salad, including carrots, snap peas, and olives. I use a hand-held mandolin for the cucumbers and red onions to get them paper-thin. Remember, the darker the greens the greater the nutrient value.) The recipe is then to follow after some information. The layout of each page is very clean and neat with the all ingredients in a column so you can quickly take note of what you need for the recipe. Each recipe also has a picture of what the finished product should look like. Many are a full page, beautiful and colorful and very helpful to some cooks.

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