Thursday, January 29, 2009

My review of I Choose to be Happy by Missy Jenkins

Missy Jenkins shares her journey back to life as she survives the Heath High School shooting in 1997. Missy shares with her readers how one day can change your life. She thanks the Lord that on that day, Dec. 1, 1997, that Michael Carneal only changed her life and didn't take her life. Missy was 1 of 5 survivors; out of 8 shot on that day. For Missy her recovery was all in her attitude. Michael had thought out his shooting plan but didn't think out the consequences and how it would effect others or himself. He knew he would probably go to jail, but hadn't thought about how he'd change the lives of 8 others and their families and friends. He hadn't given any thought that he'd ruin lives. Missy found peace and forgiveness even before that first night, Dec. 1, ended. Michael may have dictated her life on Dec. 1, but he didn't have to dictate it every day after that. It was up to her how her life would turn out now. God had given Missy a second chance, however, now she had to live with the challenges of living life as a paraplegic. Being a paraplegic didn't mean life was over for Missy just things were going to be different. She was determined to have a normal life, but it would have to be in a wheelchair. She was thrust into a celebrity role not because of what she had accomplished, but because of what had happened to her. With hard work, faith and patience Missy has overcome many obstacles in her life. I'm sure if you read her story she'll give you courage to live life that God has given you in normal fashion whether normal or as a handicap. I was very much encouraged by Missy's story. Thanks for writing it Missy and may you touch many lives as to live your normal life.


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