Thursday, August 20, 2009

Guest author Peter Lundell on Prayer

Author Peter Lundell shares...

Powerful Prayer Principles

9 Ways to Improve Your Prayer Life

1. Establish a designated place to pray.

2. Set a designated time of day to pray.

3. Use written prayers or music to help get started.

4. Repent of the things that hinder your prayer.

5. Pray out loud--this clarifies thoughts.

6. Personalize Bible verses when you pray.

7. Let yourself get in a situation where you have to trust God.

8. Seek the Holy Spirit's leading--and listen.

9. Be bold and persistent.

Top Ten Reasons Prayer Doesn't Get Answered

Lack of faith --A much-abused idea, but essentially still true.

Effects of sin separating us from God --The Bible says that God sometimes won't listen when we wallow in sin.

Unforgiveness / Emotional wounds / Self-pity --A weird dynamic, but scary in how powerful these emotions are.

Unhealthy lifestyle in disagreement with prayer --Don't pray to lose weight, then eat donuts.

Demonic affliction --Satan and his demons are deceptive and merciless.

Strongholds in the mind --People allow attitudes and beliefs to block out the truth.

God's working behind the scenes --Sometimes God is in a process of answering before we can see it.

God's chastisement --Sometimes people bring punishment upon themselves, and it's for their ultimate good.

God's classroom of testing and faith building --The way God answers prayer may test you and build your faith.

Old age or time to die --Sometimes it's our time to go!

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