Monday, August 10, 2009

The Jesus Book by Stephen Elkins

If your child likes to learn about Jesus then this is the book for them to find under the Christmas tree. What better gift to find on Christmas than a gift about the person that Christmas is all about. The reason for the season. Jesus. This book will answer any question your child might have about Jesus.

  • Who He is
  • What He did
  • What He taught

There is even a timeline showing when the events happened. Maps showing where the events happened. A section explaining why the events happened and how they happened. It's all backed by scripture verses for you child to look up and read.

If your child has questions about Jesus then this is a good book to get for them. Of course outside of the best book: The Holy Bible.

The book comes with a song CD. There are 30 children's songs on the CD all having to do with Jesus.

View a sample flip book here For more information on this book go here

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Edna said...

I have small grandchildren that love to read about Jesus, they look at their little Bibles and can tell you who the story is about by the pictures.