Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The One Year Mother/Daughter Devo by Dannah Gresh with Janet Mylin

Hey moms, if you want some M/D time in God's Word then why not consider Danna Gresh's devo book just for this special time.  You don't have to do the Devo together, but what better way to spend time with your daughter than studying God's Word.  This book is very unique Here are some things you'll find in this book:

Each day will have:
  • a Bible Blast section where you can read a portion of God's Word that goes along with the devotional
  • also a Girl Gab where mom and daughter can share their own experiences together.

Some days you'll experience:
  • a Language Lab where you'll learn some important words in the Christian faith and their meaning.  An easy-to-swallow theology lesson written on your level.
  • Amazing animals and what you can learn about them from the Bible.
  • Meditation Moments are devotions that help us think on certain passages in God's Word and practice just meditating on them
  • Kickin' Kraft days have a easy to make craft to go along with the devotional to help you remember the lesson learned for that day

I thought this was a very neat book and written on a pre-teen girls level that they can understand.  It handles issues that they'll come up against in their life.  Why not think about your princess finding this under the Christmas tree.  What a way to help her start off a brand New Year. 

To view a pdf sample of this featured book click here.

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