Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Vampire Boy's Good Night by Lisa Brown

I won this book in a book prize pack, there were about 4 picture books,  and it came last week so I thought I'd post my review today since Halloween is this weekend.  Though I don't celebrate Halloween this was a very cute picture book.  Vampire Boy, Bela, and Witch, Morgan, are active at night.  They are told there are real children, but have never seen any because real children sleep at night.  Morgan doesn't believe in such thing as real children.  However, on Halloween night they find out that real children really do exist.  The pictures are well done and the story line is very cute. 

You may find out more about Lisa's book here.
Visit Vampire Boy's web site here.

As I mentioned before this is one I won and this review is my own.  I was in no may compensated for this review.


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