Monday, May 23, 2011

Friendship Bread by Darien Gee

It’s more than just a recipe—it’s a way of life.

For fans of Kristin Hannah and Kate Jacobs, Darien Gee’s deeply felt and utterly charming novel follows two estranged sisters, three newfound friends, and—ultimately—a whole town brought together by a simple loaf of Amish Friendship Bread.

In Avalon, Illinois, a woman and her young daughter return home to find a plate of Amish Friendship Bread along with a bag of starter on their doorstep. There’s no note, just a yellowFriendship Bread cover sticky with the words, “I hope you enjoy it.” The instructions tell them to feed the starter over a ten-day period, then bake two loaves and share the remaining starter with three other people.

At the insistence of her five-year old daughter, Julia Evarts reluctantly follows the instructions. Soon, the bread and its starter are making their way through the town of Avalon, touching the lives of its residents in ways both comical and unexpected. Julia befriends Madeline Davis, 74, owner and proprietor of Madeline’s Tea Salon and Antiques who harbors a secret of her own, and Hannah de Brisay, 28, a concert cellist who relocates to Avalon after the premature end of her career and marriage.

Julia’s sister, Livvy, is struggling with her own loneliness as she and her husband, Tom, try for a child of their own. Julia’s husband, Mark, is tired of the sadness that seems to have taken over their lives for the past five years. As the town of Avalon becomes overrun with the Amish Friendship Bread starter, a kernel of a story presents itself and activist and reporter Edie is quick to jump on it, even if it means pointing a finger at Julia as the instigator and dividing the small community that they live in.

When a neighboring town is devastated by high floods, Julia and her friends supply loaves of the bread to the residents and volunteers. As word spreads, so does help. Soon the entire town of Avalon is doing their part to aid their neighbors in need as they put their differences aside. Friendship Bread is a captivating, engaging novel about life and loss, friendship and community, and what endures even when the unthinkable happens.

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I thought this book was going to be Amish related but it isn't so if you are looking for Amish don't be disappointed when you read this book.  However, it is a book on friendships and relationships.  For some reason this book came across to me more of a soap opera type book.  Good book don't get me wrong I'd give it a 3 on scale of 1-5, but I guess just not my genre.  Also there are curse words (see my post on curse words here) sprinkled through out this book.  Darien was a new author to me so yes, I'd probably pick up another one of her books. 

Darien Gee lives with her husband and three children in Hawaii. She is the bestselling author of three previous novels (Good Things, Sweet Life and Table Manners) written under the name Mia King. You can visit Darien Gee’s website at And check out the Friendship Bread Kitchen Facebook fan page.

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Cheryl said...

Thanks for taking the time to review Darien's latest. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm in the middle of reading it now. I've struggled to get past the present tense, but other than that I'm loving it. Hope your readers will check this one out.


apple blossom said...

Maybe that was my struggle too. I don't know. It really wasn't too bad. I love the historical romances so maybe the present contemporary was a strike against. thanks.