Monday, May 30, 2011

The Miracle Pill by Tres Prier Hatch

Miracle Pill reveals how to eat what you want and stay thin forever. Because of these 10 Truths, chef Tres Hatch lost 110-pounds, without dieting. Even more remarkably, she permanently changed herself from someone who battles her weight, to someone in harmony with her body—without sacrificing her love for yummy food.

With common sense and a goal of health, rather than strictly weight loss, Miracle Pill teaches how to transition your thoughts to reflect those of a healthy, thin person. Ultimately, those healthy behaviors become permanent and the body takes on the ideal shape for each individual, without diets, gimmicks, or extreme workouts. Living in harmony with your body really is the only permanent weight-loss method—and Miracle Pill helps you change your impulses so you desire correct fuel and consistent, moderate exercise. The best part is: correct fuel includes all the great treats you love.

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The Miracle Pill by Tres Prier Hatch is more than it book to read.  It is a resource to have on hand:  Tips, quotes, recipes, menus and all kinds of goodies.  It is a handbook: Hatch leaves room for you to answer questions and do the projects that she explains in each chapter.  The Miracle Pill is very informative and helpful tool to have.  This book will help you reshape your thinking as well as your body.  It is full of diagrams and pictures.  You use this book with a diet of balanced foods and you are on your way to reshaping your body as well as your lifestyle.  You'll learn to listen your body for promptings; your body will tell you what you need if you learn how to listen and then take time to listen.  The Key is balance.  The Formula is moderation and consistent exercise.   The pursuit of health encourages long-range thinking and lifestyle adjustments. You'll learn this and more in Tres Prier Hatch's book The Miracle Pill.

Tres (pronounced tray) Hatch lives to eat. She is a former chef, caterer, and food educator. She often appears on television as a guest chef and was heard weekly on the radio show Get Real Food with Gourmet Tres. Even though she is surrounded by good food all the time, Tres learned how to live in harmony with the needs of her body, which includes a treat every day.

Tres enjoys writing about food. She regularly contributes food articles and recipes for major publications. Her most recent essay was published in Friendship, Bread for the Journey, compiled by Doris S. Platt, from Perfect Niche Publishing. Miracle Pill is her first book, with two cookbooks to follow under the Miracle Pill brand. One will focus on yummy daily fuel recipes and the other on occasional treats. She is also a frequent guest lecturer and speaker.

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